Hot Chocolate with Homemade Vanilla Whipped Cream

It has been unusually cold here in Southern California. Ok, so it’s 40 degrees farenheight, but that’s freezing to us! So what does this weather call for? Hot chocolate, of course. And my daughter’s favorite includes this super easy homemade whipped cream. Hot Chocolate with Homemade Whipped Cream Items you’ll need: 1/2 cup of whipping … Continue reading Hot Chocolate with Homemade Vanilla Whipped Cream


Review and DIY: The Science of Soaps

My daughter was in search of a new fun DIY project. While shopping at Target, she found this fun DIY kit: The Science of Soaps. The kit includes everything you need and it's a super fun project to make with your child. The kit includes several pieces of clear glycerin soap, two molds (a flower … Continue reading Review and DIY: The Science of Soaps

DIY: Lipstick Hack

So your favorite lipstick just ran out, don't throw it out just yet! This super easy makeup hack will let you enjoy your lipstick a bit longer. Lipstick Hack Items needed: Your old lipstick An old eye shadow container Microwaveable bowl Small Spoon First scoop the lipstick with the end of your small spoon into … Continue reading DIY: Lipstick Hack

DIY: Rosé Lemonade Granita

I have been obsessed with Rosé wine this summer. Chilled and perfectly sweet makes it a perfect wine choice for the summer. Well what if it's a little cooler and you can have it as a dessert? I call that amazing! I added lemonade to the mix and made this amazingly simple and tasty summer … Continue reading DIY: Rosé Lemonade Granita

DIY: Mermaid Toast

It's the beginning of summer! That means long sunny days, adventures and yummy treats (not that I stay away from the yummy treats the rest of the year!). What better way to start the colorful summer treats than with Mermaid Toast. It's easy, it's colorful, it's slightly sweet and honestly it doesn't have too many … Continue reading DIY: Mermaid Toast

DIY: Easy Rainbow Churros

I love me a good churro. When I saw the latest rainbow trend, the rainbow churro, I knew I had to have one. Unfortunately, there are no churro vendors near me, so buying a rainbow churro would be out of question. So of course, I decided to make some at home. I am not sure … Continue reading DIY: Easy Rainbow Churros

DIY: Lavender Sugar Lip Scrub

So my lips had been incredibly dry lately. I needed to fix this problem ASAP! I have seen the pricey but incredibly positive reviewed lip scrubs at Ulta and Sephora, but thought I'd try a DIY inexpensive version instead. I am in LOVE with this version. The smell is incredible and my lips are now … Continue reading DIY: Lavender Sugar Lip Scrub

Welcome to Chic and Crafty

Welcome to Chic and Crafty. I started this blog as a place to share creativity and style. I want to share my honest reviews of products that I wish were reviewed. Show simple and easy DIYs or maybe some Pinterest fails (because we've all had those). I want to write about the days I am chic-ly … Continue reading Welcome to Chic and Crafty