DIY: Easy Rainbow Churros

I love me a good churro. When I saw the latest rainbow trend, the rainbow churro, I knew I had to have one. Unfortunately, there are no churro vendors near me, so buying a rainbow churro would be out of question. So of course, I decided to make some at home.

I am not sure if anyone has noticed, but Disneyland uses the Tio Pepe’s brand churros (I’ve seen the employees opening up the boxes. LOL) . And if you ask anyone who’s been to Disneyland, their churros are a snack must! So fortunately for us, Smart & Final carries this brand! This super easy recipe uses these already made churros and adds a fun colorful twist. Read on to learn how to make these super fun, super yummy, easy to make Rainbow Churros.

Easy Rainbow Churros

Items needed:

  • 1 package of Tio Pepe’s Churros
  • condensed milk (any brand)
  • colored sugar (any colors and as many colors as you’d like)
  • pastry brush
  • aluminum foil
  • cookie sheet

Churro Items

First bake the churros as per instructions on the box. To avoid a mess in my oven, I baked my churros on an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet. 400° for 8 minutes.

Pre-Baked Churros

While baking, I spread a bit of the cinnamon sugar mixture (packet included in the churro package) on foil.


Once the churros are done and removed from oven, I covered one side or half with the cinnamon sugar mixture.


On the other half of the churro, we brushed on the condensed milk with the pastry brush.

Condensed Milk

Then we sprinkled the sugar on the condensed milk side of the churro. Here is where you can be as artistic as you want. You can use as many or as little colors as you please.

Sugar Sprinkling

We made a rainbow (we couldn’t find all the actual rainbow colors, but we improvised), a pink and orange, and a pink and blue churro.

Rainbow Churros

These were super easy to make and were incredibly delicious. I had to make a second batch because the first batch was eaten in a matter of seconds! If you’re craving a Disneyland churro, want to recreate the latest rainbow food craze, or simply just want to eat a delicious churro, try this easy recipe! Enjoy!




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